Transport – Motion Sickness Precautions

Our transport office works on a daily basis to ensure that your child’s bus trip runs as smoothly as possible.

However, sometimes unexpected things happen, and children get sick on the way.

Therefore, in the interest of prevention, please prepare a bag to put in your child’s schoolbag. We recommend a vomit bag adapted to this type of situation, which can be purchased online (on Amazon for example).

As a reminder, students must remain seated and must fasten their safety belts until the vehicle arrives at its destination. Students are required to respect the instructions given by the bus monitors.


Here are some top tips:

When you are likely to get motion sickness, or if you don’t feel well before getting on the bus:

  • The best way is to stand at the front of the bus and look out at a fixed point on the route, which will minimise movement and prevent you from becoming nauseous.
  • Also avoid reading or using your mobile phone during the journey.
  • Finally, stay hydrated! Drink water to quench your thirst by taking small sips at regular intervals.