Transport – Important message regarding high temperatures

We want to share some important guidelines for bus trips during hot weather. When the buses are stopped in the school yard, the engines are off, which means there is no ventilation, and it can get very hot inside. But once the buses start moving, the ventilation kicks in, though it takes a few minutes for the temperature to become comfortable. We will keep the windows open for fresh air.

For morning trips, please make sure your child has a water bottle or a reusable water container before getting on the bus. It’s important for them to have enough water to stay hydrated throughout the trips. We want to remind the children that the water in their bottle is for drinking, not for playing, before boarding the bus. It’s crucial that everyone has sufficient water to stay hydrated during the trips.

In the afternoon, before leaving the school building, it’s essential for the children to refill their water bottle or reusable container. We recommend that students go to designated water points to ensure they have a supply of fresh water before boarding the bus. The school will work closely with the teachers to share this information with the students and guide them to the available water points.

The safety and well-being of our students are our top priorities.
Thank you for your attention and cooperation.