Transport – FOLLOW-UP: Disruptions of our routes in the afternoon 

Dear parents, 

In our last communication of 20 May, we let you know that we were trying to find a solution to the delays of our bus in the afternoon due to the works near the EEB4 and the opening of the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken to the public until 6 June.

Please rest assured that we understand an alternative solution needs to be found when our last buses leave the car park up to 30 minutes after the given departure time, whereas 7 minutes is normally enough to get all the buses out of the car park.

In order to ease and speed up the exit flow of our school buses and reduce the delays observed up to now, we have contacted the police and Brussels Mobility, with no concrete results to date.

We also asked the school to have some of our buses – those affected by the longest routes – leave via Drève Sainte-Anne, instead of Rue Médori. This proposal was not accepted.

We are still looking for a solution and hope that the traffic will improve from 7 June (end of the opening of the Royal Greenhouses to the public). 

We thank you for your patience and wish you an excellent weekend. 

Kind regards,

Eric Piettre
Director of the APEEE Brussels IV