Transport – Allocation of fixed seats

To comply as much as possible with the sanitary measures in force, the transport service has introduced a system of fixed seats in its buses this week.

This is why the children have been assigned a place which they will have to keep to as much as possible until further notice. 

If a child tests positive for Covid-19, we will notify the parents of children sitting around him/her. The children concerned will have to quarantine. If they test negative on day 7 after their last contact with the child who had coronavirus, they no longer need to quarantine, and they may travel on our lines again. Find out more here >

Please respect the sanitary measures put in place in our transport service. We remind you that it is compulsory to wear a face mask on the bus. Wearing a face mask covering the nose and mouth is an important civic act to protect together and each other against the spread of Covid-19. 

In case of a confirmed case of Covid-19, please notify us at

Thank you for your understanding.