Theatre: an exploration of yourself and the world

Activity not launched in 2021-2022

"Do you want to understand the world around you better through theatre? This activity will introduce students to the art form of educational drama. They will be encouraged to express themselves and to challenge their perception of themselves and their surroundings in a dynamic and interactive atmosphere."


With Elena:

P3-P5 : Monday, 15h10 – 16h10


With Elena:

Monday, 16h10 – 17h30

1st semester

The aim of the first semester is to familiarise participants with the concepts and methods of drama, to become a team, to establish our own code of communication and to work on the following two themes: human rights and diversity and social inclusion. For primary school students, the topics of courage of opinion and self-acceptance will also be discussed.

Participants will explore a variety of social issues through a variety of theatrical forms that will enable them to understand themselves and the world. Theatre gives participants the opportunity to develop their means of expression, to cultivate skills such as observation, concentration, critical thinking and empathy, and to gain confidence. Theatre, as a collective art form, promotes the social development of each individual and often provides a liberating experience. They’ll be able to deal with various situations and experiences with sensitivity, confidence and empathy.

2nd semester

In the second semester, the main topic will be identity and active citizenship, with new subjects being introduced as the team deepens its work and personal commitment. It is possible that various actions will be proposed by the participants inside or outside the school boundaries. And at the end of the year, depending on the students’ wishes, it will be suggested that they collect all the material and organise an interactive or theatrical exhibition.