Somerfesto – Volunteers form

As you all know already (you all received the mail via the Class Representatives on 08/03), Somerfesto will take place on Saturday the 6th of May 2023.


Please find hereafter the volunteers[1]’ form where we need volunteers throughout the day: >>

Bear in mind that we most definitely need coordinators[2] for each stand otherwise there won’t be a stand.


  • Food stands – APEEE Supervisor: Josephine Norris (

Each language section can organize a food stand if they wish to do so but without a coordinator, there won’t be any for your section.

Also, there is no obligation to create a food stand from your language section, you can have one from your nationality.


For the moment, we have 5 food stand coordinators: African, Bulgarian, German-speaking, Slavic and Turkish food stands.


  • New this year: we would like to create a cashless Somerfesto. This is why we will continue with the pre-sales for Kuponos (tickets) and attraction bracelets.

And once again, we will organize pre registrations via EventBrite.

More info on the registrations and the presales will come in our next Somerfesto Communication.


  • Reminder – Students’ logo contest

The winner will receive 80€ in Somerfesto tickets and bracelets as well as a water bottle with the chosen logo.

Designs (formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf ) must be sent to the Somerfesto Committee by Friday the 24th of March (12 PM sharp) at


[1]   A volunteer can be as young as a P3 student (along with a parent) and Secondary students can volunteer by themselves (using a parent’s details if they don’t have their own yet).

[2]   A Somerfesto coordinator is basically the Somerfesto Committee’s contact person for this stand.

S-He will decide the number of tables, chairs, etc that the stand needs. S-He will also find the volunteers for the 5 hours on the stand.

S-He will be there for the set up and clean-up of her/his stand (if there are no volunteers for it).

Please send us a mail at if you wish to become a coordinator.