Somerfesto – This Saturday, come and celebrate Somerfesto with us!

As you already know, Somerfesto 2023 will take place this Saturday, the 6th of May, from 12:00 to 17:00 on the school premises. The Somerfesto Committee of the APEEE organises it. Many activities will be organised for families and staff members (outdoor games for pupils, food stands, music performances, science fair, sports competition, art exhibition, etc.)



Attendance is free of charge, but registration is mandatory for ALL (pupils, parents and staff members). One QR code per person is required.



Somerfesto is a cashless event.

This means that you can pay for food, drinks and activities like cupcake decorating and face painting with Kuponos (tickets) and for the attractions like the bouncy castles, the Ninja Run and the Gyroscope with a Bracelet (all-day pass for ALL attractions).

You can order Kuponos and Bracelets via the APEEE App in advance (including a discounted package until the 4th of May at 23:59) or buy them on-site at full price. The Kuponos have a value of either 1€ (red Kupono) or 2€ (green Kupono) and one bracelet costs 10€.

One bracelet grants you access to all attractions of Somerfesto during the day. Attention: A bracelet cannot be taken off without breaking it, which will render it invalid. Therefore, you need 1 bracelet per child.

Students can pick up their Kuponos and bracelets on Friday, the 5th of May, at the APEEE office (09:30-15:00) or at the Somerfesto “pre-order ticket booth” on Saturday, the 6th of May.

We do not have the full list of prices yet but bear in mind that one soft drink will be 2€, Face Painting will be 2€, and Glitter Tattoo will be 1€.



The school grounds will be filled with attractions for kids from 1 to 99! There will be bouncy castles, a colourful carousel, the challenging Ninja Run and the daring 360 Gyroscope. You will find a complete list of attractions on the map below.



Get ready to play, decorate, experiment, and much more! Cupcakes will be turned into pieces of art with your creative touch, the Face Painting stand will be there to decorate your faces, the Science Fair will dazzle you with mind-blowing experiments, Super Mario is challenging you to a race, and much more! You will find a complete list of activities on the map below.



Somerfesto couldn’t be a success without you! 1, 2, 3 hours… Your help is very welcome!

P3 to P5 pupils may volunteer with a parent.

S1 to S7 pupils may volunteer; they will be assigned a task supervised by an adult.


  • GDPR

Please note that pictures and videos might be taken during the event.

You will find more information about it here >>



The Royal Greenhouses will be open until the 7th of May, which might increase traffic in the neighbourhood. It is advised to reach the school by public transport. Access to the school parking will not be possible.


  • MAP

You will find an updated map of the activities, including restrooms.