Resuming of in situ teaching 18/01 – Declaration on honour

Dear parents,

You have all received a message from the school yesterday inviting you to submit a declaration on honour on adherence to Belgian Covid-19 rules, and more specifically those relating to quarantine.

In the context of preserving the health of pupils, teachers, school and APEEE staff and more widely of parents, the Direction is within its rights to insure, on a voluntary basis, that the precautionary measures edicted by the royal decree of 28 October 2020 as amended are adhered to. This text puts in place a series of mandatory measures applicable within Belgian territory, notably as regards quarantine, with non-compliance being subject to criminal prosecution and administrative sanctions.

The declaration on honour put in place – on the APEEE’s suggestion – does not depart from that legal framework. In a context where adherence to applicable rules is made even more important by the appearance of new mutations of the virus, the APEEE wholeheartedly supports this initiative and encourages all parents to submit that declaration, for the good of the whole school community.