President’s Back to School Message

Dear parents, dear school community,

It’s that time of year again…
Welcome back to EEBIV, everybody! Let the 2023-2024 school year begin!

For new as well as returning parents who will be dropping their children off at school on Wednesday, please note that several APEEE representatives, myself included, will be available around the entrance to the school to greet you on behalf of the APEEE and to answer questions you might have. APEEE parent volunteers will also be holding an informational coffee gathering for new parents inside the school from 8:00am-10:00am that same day.

As is the case at the start of each new school year, every class will soon be asked to elect 4 parent volunteer Class Representatives (Info, Treasurer, Events, Back-up). These elections will be held at school this year for all of the cycles at a series of Back-to-School informational meetings in September. First up will be the Nursery classes, which are scheduled to meet already this Tuesday, 5th September. Meetings/elections for the Primary classes will start the week of September 18th and the week of 25th September for the Secondary classes. The school will send out more information about these meetings to parents shortly.

Why is volunteering to be a Class Representative so important, you ask? Class Representatives, together with the Section Representatives that will be elected later, form the backbone of the APEEE. They are responsible for communicating and advocating for the concerns of the class as a whole to the school and for communicating important information from the APEEE to parents on a variety of school issues (e.g. access to school materials, Somerfesto, school policies, B-test issues, BAC complaints, sometimes aspects related to the APEEE services, etc.) Class Representatives serve, then, as the first critical point of contact between the APEEE and all parents. Moreover, class representatives form the foundation of the APEEE General Assembly held each year in December or January. It is only class representatives who have paid the APEEE Membership fee that may vote at the APEEE General Assembly regarding the APEEE budget, services (bus/canteen/periscolaire)) and social and community funds. In short, without class representatives, there is no functioning APEEE, so please do consider volunteering to represent your class.

In closing, let me wish all parents, their children, and the entire school community a most happy and fruitful start to the new school year. I hope this year brings you all many good things!

Stephanie Buus
APEEE President