Would you like to try the Pilates method? This multi-benefit exercise combines well-being and muscle strengthening.


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The Pilates exercises on offer are adapted to the different phases of physical and mental development in children and adolescents. The programme takes into account the changes in a growing child’s physical development.
Teenagers will find Pilates a time to refocus on their well-being and personal development.
The use of accessories such as hoops, balls, elastic bands and sticks offers a wide range of fun and effective exercises.

Here are just a few of the benefits of practising Pilates:

  • Improved posture: by strengthening the muscles of the back and the flexibility of the spine, Pilates helps to develop good posture.
  • – Muscle strengthening: targeted exercises are proposed to strengthen the abdominal, leg and arm muscles. The aim is to improve overall strength and stability.
  • Improved flexibility: Pilates exercises involve movements that improve the flexibility and range of movement of the joints.
  • Stress reduction: Pilates involves deep breathing techniques which are very useful tools for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Improved concentration: posture exercises, deep muscle strengthening and breathing exercises help to develop greater powers of concentration.