Educational Support


Any student may experience learning difficulties during his or her schooling years. This situation may be linked to a specific aspect of a subject or pupils may face moderate learning difficulties, if not have specific needs,  due to for instance dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit disorder/ Hyperactivity (ADHD), Asperger’s, etc. (non-exhaustive list). Some HP (high potential) students may also require specific attention.  

The European Schools therefore offer different types and levels of educational support. They aim to provide appropriate assistance and adapted to the needs of pupils in order to enable them to progress according to their potential and integrate successfully.

The proposed support may be of a general, moderate or intensive type depending on the student’s needs. Support may vary depending on the student’s development and needs. 

The following reference documents set out the overall policy and procedural framework for educational support in the European schools:

Each European school has adopted its own guidelines on this basis. The link to the European School of Laeken’s guidelines is indicated on the school’s website.

At the General Assembly of 2016, the parents set up a working group for educational support under the Parents association. The Group was reorganised early 2019 after a few months of inactivity. Its objective is twofold: (1) provide support and information to the parents of pupils (potentially) concerned and (2) collaborate with the school on these issues so that the school becomes more inclusive.

If you have questions about educational support, or should you like to join the group, please contact the “educational support working group” using the following email address: