Partial resumption of the canteen service from 4/03


UPDATE 3/03 – After discussion, it was agreed that the APEEE will follow the green school precepts: the 50cl bottle of still water included in the lunch box will be removed.


We are pleased to announce that our canteen service will reopen next Thursday, March 4, 2021. In order to comply with the sanitary measures in force, please note that the service will operate as follows from March 4th until further notice:

Nursery: service will resume as normal for nursery children enrolled in the canteen: hot meals will be served on the L2 (2nd floor, canteen building) between 11.15 am and 11.45 am. Your subscription is thus still valid, and your child will be able to eat at the canteen on the days indicated in your order >

Primary – Secondary: we have set up a system of lunch boxes to be ordered via our “APEEE BRU IV” application, available in your App Store or Google Play Store.

The lunch boxes will include a sandwich, some fruit, a biscuit, a 50cl bottle of still water, and a paper towel. Our offer will be diversified in the coming weeks.

Discover the composition and allergens of the lunch boxes >

Please note that your canteen subscription is no longer active: regardless of the days included in your primary or secondary child’s canteen order, you will be able to pre-order lunch boxes one, two, three, four or five days a week.

We strongly advise you to top up your child’s account and pre-order his/her lunch box so that he/she can eat with guarantee. You can order lunch boxes up to two weeks in advance and no later than the day before at 4pm.

  • Lunch box pick-up points:

IMPORTANT: primary and secondary students must bring their badge or token to identify themselves when collecting their lunch box.

Primary: Primary students will pick up their lunch box in front of the canteen building.
Secondary: Secondary students will collect their lunch box at the place chosen in the app when they made their order.

  • How to log in to the “APEEE BRU IV” app

If you are registered at the canteen but do not yet have the app, download it from your Apple Store or Google Play Store and use the email address you provided in our online registration system as your login, then click on “Password recovery” to create your password.

  • How to pre-order a lunch box?

We have made a video presentation to show you how this new system works. Watch it below:
(If you want to slow down the video, click on the Settings icon which resembles a gear, at the bottom right, and change the playback speed).

We are very happy to welcome your children again.

If you are not yet registered at the canteen but would like to use our service (hot meals for the nursery pupils and/or lunch boxes for primary and secondary students), please create an APEEE order on our online registration system and pay the membership fee. You will then need to create a canteen order if your child is in nursery or download our “APEEE BRU IV” app and send us an email at to receive your login and password so that you can pre-order lunch boxes if your child is in primary or secondary.

We would like to inform you that the canteen prices have been adjusted and increased by 25% in line with the decisions taken at the General Assembly on 25 January (more information here >).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the reopening of our service. Concerning the months during which the canteen could not be opened, we will proceed with reimbursements shortly and we thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your understanding.

See you next Thursday!