Mindfulness & Creativity

Activity not launched in 2021-2022

Interested in discovering mindfulness? This practice invites everyone to feel what is happening in and around them in the moment. It helps children to focus on the present and to perceive their thoughts and emotions in a more neutral way and thereby to know how to react to challenges and stressful situations.


With Claudia:

P3-P5 : Thursday, 15h10 – 16h10

The objective of this activity is to guide the children in the learning of mindfulness, giving them the tools to find concentration and calm.

The sessions offer children a place of serenity where they are welcomed with kindness and empathy. Mindfulness is a practice that requires some training but has been shown to have a positive effect on behaviour and concentration.

Each month, a new intention is approached and developed in a playful way, the themes being, for example: mind and breathing, ability to concentrate, coping with stress and emotions, trusting yourself, cultivating listening skills, etc… At the beginning of the session, an atmosphere of silence and attention is fostered through relaxing sounds, the children then do some body exercises inspired by yoga and tai chi. To address the themes, different activities are proposed: stories, songs, drawings, crafts, theatre and appealing to the sense of smell or taste, etc…  The children bring home “a secret for growing up” which contains all the exercises done to share as a family.