Claudia Castillo

Claudia is an independent visual artist. Since 2011, she has been organizing expression and creativity workshops with an Art Therapy approach, for children, adolescents and parents.

Claudia, passionate about the breath, became a yoga instructor at the Atlantide centre in Lasne. She is also a certified mindfulness instructor for children. She then trained at the school of integrative meditation in Louvain-la-Neuve where she obtained a diploma with the project “Mindfulness and creativity” which she offers at the APEEE extracurricular activities in Laeken.

She is certified in the “Heart Tree”, or “indoor weather” concept designed by Manon Jean, which addresses the development of children from a social, emotional and sensory perspective.  Since 2017, she is a member of “Emergences” contributing to workshops, spreading the Mindfulness concept by organizing conferences and training in mindfulness.


Languages : ES – FR – EN

Being close to the children on a daily basis through meditation and creativity makes us realize how important it is to be involved in the active participation of a caring school.