Message from the Francophone section representatives

Dear parents of the secondary francophone section,


Several years ago the APEEE decided to establish a system of section representatives for each linguistic section in order to ensure optimal communication between all parents of different classes in each section. 


The FR section is made up of section representatives which we have decided to divide into study cycles, given the size of the section and the many classes of pupils, so that we can better meet the needs of pupils and parents.


In addition to the Education Councils, for which we always ask you to send us the points you would like us to discuss in advance, it is possible for all parents to inform us of any problems relating to school life (relations with teachers, discipline, marks…).


If you have any questions about the smooth running of your children’s class, send your questions to the FR section representatives, who will contact the school management and provide you with the answers.


Here are the FR section representatives for the secondary level by cycle you can contact:
S1 – S3: Diane Werhert ( – Ambar Lietar (
S4 – S5: Claudia Arnold-Assakhen (
S6 – S7: Veronica Gavriliadis (


Thank you all for your collaboration and best wishes.


The FR section has also found that the S6 B-test schedules could be improved to avoid having two tests per day on two consecutive days, and the school management agreed to ensure that this does not happen again for the June session and in the future.