Message from the francophone section representatives


Dear parents of the francophone nursery/primary section,

We are happy to represent the French section for the nursery and primary students. We are the contact point between the class representatives, the parents and the APEEE management. Through the class representatives (who are your first contact point with the APEEE), we have already asked you (and will continue to do so) for your opinion on various issues such as pedagogy, school organisation, activities, canteen, distance learning, Covid-19 issues, etc. We organise regular consultations and surveys with class representatives in order to identify the problems that parents and students are facing (return from holidays and Covid-19, distance learning). These consultations are important because they allow us to pass on your opinion to the APEEE management.

We remain at your disposal for further information and wish you and your family all the best!

FR section representatives nursery/primary: Anca, Nicolas, Chrissoula, Hichem



The French Section representatives (from S1 to S3) contribute during the meetings of the Pedagogical WG (working group), the Monday morning meetings of the Covid working group (with the school management and nurses) and never cease to forward the information presented in any of those meetings.

Since they have created a WhatsApp group for all class reps from S1-S3, they answer parents’ questions to the best of their knowledge. They do their best to represent their section and make sure that the pupils mental and pedagogical wellbeing is at the center of all discussion both with the APEEE and the school.

We hope that the whole school community will have a restful holiday where students can finally relax after these past few weeks.

Diane Werhert ( & Ambar Lietar (



After the pre-bac results in S7, and following the request of S7 parents for further clarification of the results in certain subjects, the FR section would like to thank the management and teachers for their availability and their explanations regarding the pre-bac grades and in general would like to congratulate and thank the teachers for their work and presence, despite the current difficult conditions.

In the hope that things will return to normal after the Easter break, we wish students, teachers and parents a good holiday and rest.

Claudia Arnold-Assakhen ( & Veronica Gavriliadis (