Introduction to music

"Want to go on a musical journey? This course guarantees a musical discovery during which children will become familiar with instruments, rhythm and their voice."


With Batiste:

Friday (as part of “Multi-activity”), 14:00 – 15:00

1st semester

The goal of the first semester is to make children aware of sounds, rhythms and musical colours. They will be able to manipulate the different families of instruments and discover their voice as a musical tool.

The monitor offers the children a musical and playful approach, adapted to their young age. Percussion instruments will be favoured as they are easy to use to help them understand the principle of rhythm, but they will also discover xylophones and the recorder. The children also learn to recognise the pitch of sounds, they sing a lot and dance often, with a focus on musical listening. The use of story books and tales is planned.

The global approach to music, through rhythm, voice, hearing and body perception is based on the methods and experiences of Dalcroze, Kodaly, Martenot, Orff and Willems. The promotion of early instrumental learning is approached through the Méthode Arc en ciel and the methods of Marie Jaëll and Suzuki.

2nd semester

The second semester’s objective is to teach the children to play some of the songs they learned in the first semester. The learning of the recorder will be strongly encouraged.

Each week, the activity will start with listening to music. The children will be invited to memorise little songs and to reproduce them in rhythm with their small percussion instruments or, later, with the recorder. The children will also discover body percussion and rhythmics, and they will start learning to read notes (only the central octave of the piano) and the rudimentary elements of music.