Extracurricular – Summer Camp 2023

The extracurricular service is looking forward to welcoming students from S1 to S4, from 26 June to 6 July 2023, for a Summer Camp full of exciting moments!

There are 112 places available this year.

Pupils will have the choice between a creative or an adventure programme.

Many activities will also be common to all participants in and outside the school, such as the famous Lesse River trip, the adventure at Koezio, the discovery of Parkour and climbing, the refreshing day at Aqualibi, and many more! 

So save the date! Registrations open next Wednesday, 10 May at 12pm on our registration website >

You are interested in registering your child for the Summer Camp 2023 but you are not yet a member of the APEEE for the current school year (2022-2023)?

So you will need to apply for membership first before you can register for Summer Camp. For technical reasons, the application will be made for the year 2023-2024 and the service will then re-establish the application for the year 2022-2023.

Please note: The payment of the membership fee is a compulsory condition for participating in the Summer Camp. The fee is a condition for access to the APEEE’s services. Any family failing to pay will have its order refused.

For more information, please contact the extracurricular service by e-mail: periscolaire@bru4.eu or on 02 474 10 99.