Extracurricular – Back to school 2022

The new school year has already kicked off and it is now time for the extracurricular activities to get underway!

  • Start of activites

Extracurricular activities will start on Friday 23 September 2022 for all pupils (nursery, primary and secondary).

You will find the details of your child’s activities in his/her registration >

Bus after the activity: for the children concerned, you can find the number of your child’s bus as well as his/her bus stop in his/her transport registration >

  • Registration

Extracurricular registration has been suspended since 12 September until 23 September 2022 inclusive. From Saturday 24 September, you will be able to register your child again for the extracurricular activities. Please note that it takes one week to process your request and for your child to be able to participate in the activity.

Click here to see all the activity programmes: https://bit.ly/3iNiHHn

  • After the activity

In order to facilitate the end of your children’s extracurricular activities, we kindly ask you to check the status of the field “Follow byin their registration and to notify us by email if any changes need to be made.

We would also like to remind you of the importance of notifying us by email of any occasional changes. A note in the children’s class diary is not sufficient. 

We invite you to consult our practical guide for information on the organisation of our service: https://bit.ly/3AW6siU

We look forward to seeing your child in our activities!