Extracurricular activities closed from 24/03

We regret to inform you that extracurricular activities will no longer take place from tomorrow, Wednesday 24 March 2021, until the end of the week, following the latest circular 8027. All extracurricular courses are therefore suspended, except for private distance learning courses.​

Please notify your child’s school teacher if your child has to take the bus at 12.50pm on Wednesday or at 3.20pm on Thursday (only if your child is registered with the transport service), if he/she has to be taken to the garderie on the school site or to the school gate if you wish to pick him/her up.

If you come to pick up your child, please go to the school gate after classes have ended. There will be no extracurricular supervision

As a reminder, on Friday, March 26, 2021, preceding the Easter holidays, the school classes end at 12:30pm, and extracurricular activities have already been suspended. 

We hope to see you again on 19 April and will keep you informed as soon as we have more details about the resumption after the Easter holidays and the distance learning week.