Covid-19 / APEEE Services - Latest measures to date

Important information after the Christmas holidays

If you have travelled abroad during the holiday season, we remind you that all travellers returning to Belgium, regardless of the means of transport used, must fill in the Public Health Passenger Locator Form in the 48 hours before their arrival in Belgium and that the rules regarding quarantine and testing on arrival to Belgium were adopted by the Belgian government on 30 December for entry into force on 31 December. Please find all this information here:

If you allow your children to board our buses and/or to participate in our extracurricular activities, you recognize that you have followed the measures relating to travel from abroad imposed by the Belgian authorities. The APEEE cannot be held responsible if it turns out that a student has not followed these rules.


Nursery – Primary – Secondary: School buses run normally.

Morning and afternoon lines as well as the Wednesday and Friday noon lines are maintained.

  1. In the morning when boarding, if the bus has a rear or middle door, students will have to board through the rear door, without exception.
  2. Students should be grouped by cycle ( nursery, primary, secondary) and, as much as possible, maintain the same seat on the bus. Siblings are allowed to sit together and in case of different cycles, the little ones will have to sit with the older ones.
  3. All students will have to wear a mask while on the bus: when getting on the bus, during the journey, and when getting off the bus. Children not wearing masks will not be allowed to board the bus.  It is the responsibility of parents to provide a mask to their children and to show them how to wear and store it safely.
  4. All students, drivers and bus monitors should clean their hands before boarding the bus. Bus monitors will also be in possession of hydroalcoholic gel.
  5. All drivers and bus monitors will also be wearing masks. Bus monitors will be authorized to help nursery students fasten their seatbelts, put their masks back on if they fall off and get off the bus.
  6. On the return trip, children will get out through the rear door of the vehicle if there are two doors. Otherwise, they will exit through the front door.

Since October 8, 2020, if a student is not wearing his/her face mask correctly, he/she is excluded from the transport service for one month, starting the day after the notification sent to the parents.


Nursery – Primary – Secondary: No meals may be served for primary and secondary students according to Belgian circulars 7816 and 7817. Following a vote by the APEEE Board, the canteen will also no longer serve meals to nursery pupils.

Nursery, primary and secondary students must bring their own lunch and eat at the times and locations set by the school.

Cafeterias are also closed.

The administrative Board is in permanent contact with the school direction to evaluate the possibility of opening the canteen in the near future.

  1. All students and accompanying teachers enter the canteen building via the rotunda stairs;
  2. All secondary students and teachers must wear face masks, keep distance, and must keep their masks on until they are seated;
  3. At the entrance into the canteen, students and teachers should disinfect their hands with the hydroalcoholic gel at their disposal;
  4. In both Level 2 and Level 3, tables will be grouped by class and set 1.50 m apart;
  5. P3 and P4 students will eat at level 3, and no secondary students will be present during their time slot;
  6. Students will have to follow the indicated direction;
  7. The canteen team is the only one who can be in contact with the food, so the students will have to wait to be served by the canteen staff at the table and at the buffet;
  8. Once seated, students can remove their masks;
  9. When students have finished eating, they should put their masks back on and clear their trays according to the indicated circulation;
  10. Students will leave by the indicated exit – exterior exit only, access to the rotunda stairs is forbidden for students and teachers leaving the canteen;
  11. Tables and chairs will be disinfected after each use;
  12. The canteen office has set up isolated production and service internal working groups to be able to call on a replacement team in the event of a problem.

Extracurricular activities

Nursery – Primary: Extracurricular activities are taking place on days and times scheduled since the beginning of the year.

Secondary: All activities are suspended until further notice.

Private lessons are still taking place.

All extra muros activities are cancelled for nursery, primary and secondary students according to Belgian circulars 7816 and 7817.

  1. Extracurricular activities have been limited to a maximum of 10 students;
  2. The students are expected to wait for their teacher at the meeting point, children over 12 years old will need to wear a face mask; 
  3. Extracurricular activities monitors and teachers will all wear face masks;
  4. Students over 12 years old must keep their face masks on during the activity unless it is a sporting activity – for sporting activities, students are allowed to remove their masks and must put them back on as soon as the activity is over; when students are not wearing the mask, social distancing should be encouraged;
  5. Monitors must also keep their face masks on as long as possible; only sports monitors will be allowed to remove their masks during sports demonstrations; when they are not on the move, they must put their masks back on;
  6. For contact sports, the extracurricular activities office complies with the measures announced by the Belgian authorities; Judo, taekwondo, aikido, sportive dance, footbal and basketball activities are thus possible, as long as the barrier gestures are respected as much as possible and the instructions of the monitor are followed; 
  7. Students and monitors will be required to wash their hands before and after the activity – including for the lunch supervised by the extracurricular activities team on Wednesdays;
  8. The monitors will all have hydroalcoholic gel – hydroalcoholic gel will also be present in all school rooms so that students can disinfect their hands at all times; 
  9. Rooms used for activities are well ventilated;
  10. Monitors will be authorized to help the children in order to ensure that the activity runs smoothly, which may result in physical contact (correcting postures to avoid injury, etc.) ; 
  11. Materials and equipment will be disinfected before and after each activity.

Since November 16, 2020, it is mandatory for primary children to wear a face mask during the activity, except for sportive activities, private lessons, and lessons where different school levels do not mix (piano & theory on Monday from 3:10 pm to 4:10 pm, piano & theory on Wednesday from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, art workshop on Friday from 12:50 pm to 3 pm with Liliane Hene).