Comic workshop - Secondary

Activity not launched in 2021-2022

"Want to create stories in pictures? Whether in colour or black and white,
silent or not, with paint or pencil, learn how to create your own stories in comics!"


With Nérina:

S1-S7, Thursday 16h10 – 17h30

1st semester

During the first semester, the participants will explore the world of comics through its history and its artists, and will become storytellers themselves.

Throughout the sessions, the young people will discover authors, their graphic styles and techniques, or movements linked to comics and to a particular period. They will become familiar with the specific vocabulary of comics and with the different possible techniques. The students will experiment with different styles according to the examples presented and do “à la manière de” or take inspiration from the style or technique to tell stories, very short, in a few frames and travel through the history of comics. In black and white or in colour, silent or not, with paint, felt pen or pencil, or even with collage or photo, all means are good to tell stories! They will be able to let their imagination run wild in order to master this medium and create their first boards.

2nd semester

The aim of the second semester is to work on a story of a few pages using all the knowledge acquired in the first semester.

The students will choose among all the techniques and styles they have discovered, those they want to apply to develop a story put into a comic strip of a few pages. They will be free to use silent or not, colour or not. The purpose is to write a short story, real or fantastic, which will be an opportunity to work on the script, and then to put it into images thanks to everything that has been learned in the first part of the year.