Nérina Denais

Nérina grew up in an artistic environment, surrounded by parents who were art teachers and a grandfather who was a painter.

She first studied graphic design in the north of France and then in Quebec, and reoriented herself in comics, which took her to Brussels in September 2019 for a master’s degree in comics at the ESA St Luc. A jack-of-all-trades, she tries out multiple techniques and writes fanzines, alone or within a Brussels feminist collective. She also practices embroidery, music, tattooing, cinema, photography and never stops discovering new artistic practices in order to express herself.

In 2018, she took advantage of a civic service in a publishing house in Amiens to lead workshops with all audiences, children and adults. The contact and the sharing of her knowledge quickly became a new passion and she then imagined comic book and animation workshops with children’s classes in France. What she likes most of all is to see children gain confidence in themselves and express themselves fully through the techniques she has passed on to them.


Languages : FR – EN

“Building and consolidating mutual trust while exploring the fields of possibility.”