Circus Arts

"Looking to discover the circus arts? These disciplines offer an immense range of possibilities. They combine creativity with physical practice. The diversity of activities allows everyone to find their place."

Where should I pick up my child?

École de Cirque de Bruxelles (Tour & Taxis site ) : 3 rue Picard, 1000 Brussels


With l’Ecole de cirque de Bruxelles:

P1-P2 : Friday, 12h50 – 15h

P3-P5 : Friday, 15h20 – 17h10

The aim of the course is to introduce children to the joys of the circus. They will be introduced to the multitude of activities offered by the circus arts. It is a very complete practice, which goes from juggling to balancing, including acrobatics, acting and movement.

All children will be introduced to the different practices, although the training programme will be adapted according to age.

  • Juggling

Children will learn to manipulate various objects, such as Chinese plates, diabolos, improve their coordination, develop their lateralization and creativity. They will practice and develop solo, duo and group acts. Children will try juggling with flower sticks, scarves, balls, rings or bolas.

  • Balance

The children will work on their body posture and proprioception to improve their balance. To do this, they will use fun and amusing accessories: rola-bolas, four-wheeled pedalgos. The balancing apprentices will be put to the test with balancing balls, circus barrels and the cable. They will learn to help and to accept help from one of their peers.

  • Acrobatics

Acrobatics is a discipline that can be practiced in pairs or groups. The training will focus on ground support, body movements or proprioception in order to start doing acro-lifts or other dynamic acrobatics.

  • Movement

Movement is the basis of many circus disciplines, whether it be balancing or acrobatics. The children will explore the possibilities of body language and movement by using their imagination, improvisation and musicality.

  • Acting

This discipline is associated with theatre. The children will do exercises to work on their voice, the look they give or receive, to reinforce their self-confidence and their ease. They will do some improvisation and try their hand at clowning. For this, work on emotions will be planned.

  • Aerial

The children will be introduced to different aerial circus techniques, such as the trapeze or the fabric. These are spectacular practices that require a good physical condition, the children will work on their muscle gain. They will also strengthen their perception of space and emptiness, understand height in a different way and above all gain confidence.