Would you like to learn to sing like Beyoncé? This course gives children the opportunity to find their voice and improve their technique thanks to an experienced singing teacher, in preparation for a mini concert at the end of the year.


With Joanne:

P1-P2 : Thursday, 15h10 – 16h10


With Joanne:

S1-S3: Monday, 12h30 – 13h25

1st semester

This first semester’s objective is to develop the children’s confidence in singing, by acquiring the necessary technique for good voice management and to enhance their own and others’ vocal production.

Singing lessons are divided into three parts: warm-up, voice development and repertoire. Children learn songs in French and English to reflect the multicultural nature of the school. Simplified techniques are suggested to them, they do playful breathing exercises, referring for example to animal sounds and others to awaken their voice and work on it, such as vocalises.  The children also discover the role of Silence in music.

2nd semester

The second semester’s objective is to prepare a repertoire for the Performing Arts Days concert.

During the second semester, the emphasis is on the choral aspect, i.e. learning to sing as a group. Students learn, among other things, to wait their turn, to sing in different configurations (in small groups, as a soloist or all together), to react to the teacher’s conducting gestures or to listen to others. In order to prepare the concert for the Performing Arts Days, the children learn 5-6 songs, where everyone has their place. Taking part in a choir helps to improve memory, concentration, self-confidence and team spirit, while at the same time finding one’s place within the choir.