Bus Stop Ambassadors Parents

We are looking for “Bus Stop Ambassadors Parents“.

So that the Transport Office can warn parents as quickly as possible of the delay or absence of their bus, we are looking for volunteer parents whose children get on at the first or second bus stop and who are willing to inform us of any difficulties experienced at the beginning of the journey.

This will help us to get information from the bus company more quickly and warn the other parents of the line as soon as possible.

  • Who?

If your child(ren) is (are) among the students who get on the first or second stop in their bus line in the morning.
We are looking for two parents per bus line.

  • Why?

Inform the Transport Office of the delay or absence of a bus and therefore help the parents of the whole line.

  • Interested?

Write us at transport@bru4.eu and tell us your last name, first name, the bus number your child takes and the stop s/he gets on. We will contact you again to provide you with the practical information. 

We thank you for your cooperation and remain at your disposal should you have any questions.