Animation film

Activity not launched in 2021-2022

"Ready to bring your stories to life? In animation film you will learn how to make an animation film step by step to create your own short film."


With Nérina:

S1-S7, Monday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The first semester’s goal is to discover the different animation techniques and stages in the creation of an animation film.

Students will learn step by step how to create an animation film and become familiar with the different possible techniques, from the simplest to the most advanced, but always doable at home! They will have fun animating a simple drawing with the taumatrope, creating movement with a flipbook, and telling short stories with stop motion. They will be able to use all sorts of media and techniques: cut paper, various objects, drawing… Everything is possible!

2nd semester

In the second semester, the aim is to make a short animation film, in groups, based on a chosen story.

After choosing their story and what they want to tell, the students will make a storyboard and then bring it to life in a short animation. They will also have to think about creating sets and characters, putting in sound, and finally find solutions to make a home-made animation, all together.