Alvin Devolder

Pedagogical vision

Making music, expressing yourself artistically, is about enjoying life and offering joy to others.

In addition to his extracurricular classes (EEB4 and EEB1), Alvin Devolder has been a private singing and piano teacher/coach for over 20 years, a group ‘singing for well-being’ teacher for 6 years, a vocal coach (spoken voice) and a singer-songwriter-pianist.

He began studying music theory at the age of 5 in the Paris area. Back in Brussels, he obtained his diploma in classical piano and music theory at the Woluwe St Lambert music academy. He trained in opera, jazz and pop singing, jazz piano, theatre, film, voice-over, contemporary and jazz dance at various artistic academies and structures. He has been performing on stage for some twenty years, as a singer-pianist or improvising pianist, including 4 years in London. He has self-produced an album and several EPs.

A graduate in Journalism & Communication and Film at ULB, he considers music to be a profound act of self-expression and emotion. Convinced that artistic expression flourishes best when the mind is at peace, he also obtained a Reiki degree, and is an enthusiast of meditation, Yoga and Qi Gong. So his teaching approach is intrinsically linked to the development of well-being, confidence and creativity, with a diversification and interconnection of disciplines.

Languages : EN – FR – NL