Adil Fares

Adil is studying to become an educator specialized in psycho-educational guidance. Passionate about his job, he has more than 7 years of experience in animation. Adil has worked at the European Commission’s day-care centre during the summer, at Promosport during the school holidays, at the commune of Ixelles and at Les Bambins futés.

Adil has worked for several years in different schools and has helped students during school hours to make progress on their homework by responding constructively and giving them various techniques to learn more easily. He has also given French lessons for extracurricular activities, and is keen for students to improve their French and become little Molière children.

Adil is also a fan of board games, an opportunity to discover a new way to have fun with others and to forge new friendships and memories.

Adil is also a gourmet with an insatiable curiosity. He participated in several training courses and started culinary adventures in order to know all the secrets and to share this wonderful passion with the children. hanks to his experience as an animator and instructor for the extra-curricular activities of the European School of Laeken for the past 4 years, Adil has developed his own fun and playful learning method to introduce children to cooking while teaching them the right gestures and precautions to take in the kitchen.

Throughout his childhood, Adil watched the show “C’est pas sorcier”, and developed a real attraction to science. He enjoys discovering science through a variety of experiments that children can easily carry out again at home. He is delighted to share his knowledge and this magic with the curious children who will become the new little Einsteins of tomorrow.


Languages : FR

All children have genius, the challenge is to make it visible, to let them express themselves, to experiment, to touch, to feel, to ask for explanation for a more enriching knowledge.