Programme and Map



Bar, Barbecue, Sweet and Savory Treats, Tea and Coffee

Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Candy, Popcorn


12:00-17:00 Inflatable Attractions for all ages (accessible with bracelet)

Football Tournament Registration (at the football pitch)

maximum number of participants: 40 (8 Teams à 5 players)

open to the whole school community, 2€ Registration Fee

13:00-15:00 Football Tournament
15:15 Announcement of winning team + prizes

ACTIVITIES (payable with tokens)

12:00-17:00 Face Painting & Glitter Tattoo under the canteen
12:00-17:00 Cupcake Decorating under the canteen
12:00-17:00 Fancy Fair Games in front of T building
12:00-17:00 Photo Booth (accessible with bracelet) under the canteen

SCIENCE & RACING in B Building

12:30-15:00 Science Fair & Competitions, room B010
16:00 Science Prize Draw in front of canteen
12:30-15:30 Mario Kart Tournament, room B011

MUSIC in Salle Polyvalente

13:30-14:30 Orchestra & Choir Performance
16:00-16:30 Musical “Once upon a time… the end”

MUSIC under the Canteen

14:30-17:00 Rock Bands

DANCE in front of the G building

14:00-15:00 Bulgarian Folk Dancing


12:00-17:00 Hoodie Sale CdE Stand           (electronic payment)
12:00-17:00 T-Shirt Sale APEEE Stand      (token or electronic payment)

TOMBOLA/RAFFLE (token payment)

12:00-16:30 Ticket Sale APEEE Stand
16:30 Prize Draw APEEE Stand

Eureka! Lost & Found Service

14:00-16:00 Eureka! Room, J building basement


Access to the event

We advise you to reach the school via public transport or bike. Access to the school parking will not be possible for cars but there is plenty of space for bicycles.


Please take into consideration that only members from the school community are covered by the school’s insurance, everyone else comes under their own responsibility and neither the school nor the APEEE can be held responsible for any damage caused to/by them.

Informed consent

Find all the necessary information here regarding your consent for photography and video recordings during the Somerfesto.