Pierre Genicot

Before becoming a French teacher in secondary schools with both hearing and non-hearing pupils, with whom he learned sign language, Pierre spent his childhood and adolescence in the many classes of the Ciney academy. Violin, music theory, drama, chamber music, singing, etc., he spent almost every day of the week there.

The arts of speech and music have been with him ever since. In addition to his French classes, he has given theatre, singing and music lessons, put on shows and is an actor. He finally gathered everything together to become a storyteller! 

He knows the European School of Laeken quite well, having led various workshops such as introduction to music, theatre, storytelling and psychomotricity for children of all ages for several years. 


Languages : FR – EN – Sign language

“Whatever the workshop, the objectives are always the same: to have fun, by yourself and as a group, to listen to yourself and to others, to learn to trust yourself and most of all to trust your imagination! “