Piano & theory for beginners

Fancy playing the piano ? For young beginners, this course offers a first approach to the piano based on children's nursery rhymes, simple scores and the discovery of solfeggio. Music is a new language in which the letters are musical notes and the phrases are musical and melodic sentences.


With TBC:

P3-P5 : Friday, 15h10 – 16h10

With Carla, Guillermo

1st semester

The aim is to introduce children to the piano. They become familiar with the keyboard, rhythm and the coordination of both hands. They start learning music theory in order to be able to read musical notes.

The first semester focuses on acquiring the basics: children learn how to place their hands correctly on the keyboard and how to control the force of gravity to play with the weight of the arms.  They begin to play simple melodies composed by the teacher.

2nd semester

The objective is to deepen the learning of music theory which will allow to improve the practice.

During the second semester the children are taught how to read musical notes through music theory. The learning of solfeggio is important because it allows to make the link between the written notes and the piano keys. Children also learn the role of silence in music. As this is a group lesson, children will often play together: two pupils on the piano to play four hands.