Liliane Hene

Pedagogical Vision

Scientific workshop – “Observe and find, like Newton, the why and the how of things.”

Arts – “Turning your paper sheet into a real and imaginary world.”

Lili has been a teacher in Belgium since 1989. She is a dedicated teacher who teaches sciences, religion and French to children between the ages of 7 and 12 at Sainte-Marie La Sagesse school.

Lili has a passion for the arts, and has attended courses of drawing and painting at the Anderlecht “Ecole des arts”. She also gives plastic arts classes, in order to share her love for painting and drawing with the children of the European School of Brussels IV.

Through the discovery of artworks and through practice, Lili introduces children to different artistic techniques and thus develops their creativity, their artistic and aesthetic sense while giving them a taste for creation.


Languages : FR – EN – NL