Get cooking ! A culinary adventure

Your child loves cooking and baking? It's time to reveal their inner chef!


With Alina:

P3-P5 : Wednesday, 13h30 – 15h00

1st semester

During the first part of the year, the children will learn about cooking, learning about safety, exploring healthy food and discovering the origin of our ingredients.

They will learn to cook simple sweet and savoury recipes with few ingredients, such as a fruit salad, pancakes, mixed salads, tuna meatballs, etc. Each child will complete their own recipe book!

Children will be invited to plant aromatic herbs in the vegetable garden to season their recipes, and will learn how to grow all sorts of seeds.

To better understand how the food arrives on their plates each lunchtime, the children will have the opportunity to visit the canteen, find out how it works and meet the people who work there.

2nd semester

During the second semester, we will learn more culinary techniques and explore recipes from around the world, such as sushi, pizza, hummus, polenta, moussaka, and more.

Pupils will interview an elder in the family about a traditional recipe, and they will be the experts at cooking it and sharing the story behind it with the rest of the group. They will also invent their own recipes and continue to develop their cookbook!

We will be inviting a chef to talk about his job and show us a few tips and tricks.