Frédéric Richard

Pedagogical vision

Frédéric has extensive experience in various martial arts and combat sports. He holds a 1st dan black belt in judo, practised in a 1st division club. Judo is a combat sport based on physical, mental and moral training. In Chinese Kenpo (Chinese boxing), he has a 2nd level black belt, mastering personal defence techniques with his bare hands and the handling of various weapons. He also has a 3rd level black belt in Pangration, derived from pancrace, a combat sport from the ancient Olympic Games that allows the use of almost all attack and defence techniques (the teacher was even world champion in this discipline).

With 4 years of experience in Brazilian jiu jitsu, purple belt level, he has mastered this martial art derived from Japanese judo and jiu jitsu techniques, focusing on defence and attack systems. He also has 5 years of experience in wing chun, a martial art of Chinese origin designed for close combat, including empty-hand techniques and weapons handling. His expertise also extends to 4 years of French boxing, including savate and cane.

In addition to this, he has experience in combat tai chi chuan, and is proficient in Systema, a Russian martial art used by certain Russian special forces groups.

Languages: FR – EN – NL – PL