Francesco d'Amicis

Pedagogical vision

When playing the drums, we become a small team of four. Right hand, left hand, right foot, left foot. The brain is the coach who tells us what to do…. It’s all about rhythm and fun!

Born in Puglia (Italy) in 1978, he started playing drums as a child thanks to his father, also a drummer. He began his studies with teachers Christian Meyer (Elio e le storie tese) and Walter Calloni (F. De Andrè, L. Battisti, PFM) and graduated as a drummer from the CPM Music Institute in Milan.

After moving to Bologna in 1999, he has collaborated with various Italian and international artists, performing and recording several albums in the studio.

He has a long experience in teaching and has been running a school exclusively for drummers in his hometown since 2008.


Languages : IT – FR