Digital music

Discover the captivating world of audio creation. Learn techniques, explore formats and create your own music. Talk to other enthusiasts, master mixing and unleash your creativity. An exciting audio adventure awaits you.

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With Sharon : 
P3-P5: Tuesday, 15h10-16h10

In this workshop, we dive into the exciting world of audio creation.
Students will have the opportunity to acquire skills such as using simple tools on a phone, tablet or computer, taking sound recordings and cleaning up audio tracks.

They will learn about different audio formats, record their instruments and create their own music. They will also have the opportunity to mix sound recordings and soundtracks, master audio editing techniques and explore sound effects and vocal transformations.

Exchanges with other students will enable them to discover a variety of sound styles, while learning to mix with professional controllers or DJ applications on phones or computers will add an extra dimension.

Students will be able to let their imaginations run wild by creating crazy soundtracks, modifying audio from videos and films, and discovering electronic and digital instruments. This workshop opens the door to an exciting adventure in sound where creativity is the key.