Creative writing - Improvisation in literature and theater

Do you want to approach writing in a playful way and to open new paths to imagination and creativity? Join this creative writing course and expand your imagination while having fun.

This course is offered in French, English and Greek.


With Elena:

P3-P5 : Tuesday, 15h10 – 16h10

The aim of this creative writing course is to approach writing in a playful and experiential way and to open new paths to imagination and creativity. Always through games and improvisations, we familiarize ourselves with language and its potential and experiment with various literary forms such as fairy tale, poem, short story, song, theatre, etc. Our priority is to create a safe environment and encourage the participants to expand their imagination, free their thinking and express themselves while having fun. Furthermore, creative writing can prove a great means to cultivate skills such as self-confidence, observation, problem solving and collaboration.

Even though reality can often be restrictive, in literature the possibilities are endless. Therefore, I invite you to join me, break the rules and imagine with me the impossible. There is no right or wrong and no limits when it comes to the imagination. My aim is not to recreate a traditional language class but to offer a space for play, experimentation and self-expression.

1st semester

The objective of the first semester is to become a team, familiarize ourselves with different ways of working and create a common way to communicate with one another. The focus is mostly on individual work and the cultivation of the personal voice of each participant. Through exercises that help to release the imagination, we work with the participants’ own material, using tools such as games, texts, objects, storytelling and story writing, reading, improvisation and dramatization.

2nd semester

In the second semester, we follow a similar structure. However, the aim is to expand our tools, seek inspiration in other arts forms and focus on collaborative and more extended work. During this semester, we work in smaller groups, combine our skills, and co-imagine while dedicating time to prepare for the Arts Day at the end of the year, where we will have the opportunity to share our work. This can take various forms such as collaborating with other courses or publishing our work. However, the actual outcome of this course depends completely on the urgencies, interests, and wishes of the group, as they have become apparent over the course of the workshop.