Claudia Cornelis

Claudia was born in Brussels, her father is Belgian and her mother Romanian. She therefore grew up in a bilingual and multicultural environment which made her want to continue learning other languages from her teenage years. At the Université Libre de Bruxelles, she specialised in English and German and  went on two Erasmus exchange programmes in Germany thanks to her studies.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Germanic languages and literature in 2018, during which she also learned Spanish, she decided to continue her studies at the ULB in order to satisfy her passion for Japanese culture and language by completing a second bachelor’s degree which also gave her the opportunity to do a university exchange in Japan. On this occasion she taught English to Japanese children and teenagers in a language school, an experience that made her want to continue on this path once her studies were over.

Claudia is young and dynamic and wants to share her passion for languages. She thus encourages young people to take an interest in other countries and cultures to better understand the complex world around us.

In her free time she is also very interested in art and dance.


Languages : FR – DE – JA – RO – EN – ES – NL

Communication through language is the foundation of human civilisation. Therefore, language learning cannot begin too early. It can be done in a playful and constructive way.