Basel Adoum

Basel holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Aleppo, Syria. While preparing his first Master thesis, he taught English as a foreign language for adults.

After moving to Belgium in 2015, he pursued his studies at the VUB in Postcolonial English literature. He tutored English and Arabic as a foreign language for minors and adults. Since 2019, He is doing a PhD at the University of Liege in social sciences. His topic is artistic participation and interculturalism in multicultural Belgium.  

The symbol preferred by Basel is the balance. It represents the equilibrium in his teaching method. Balancing the cultivation of brain, the soul, and the body is a way through which we achieve harmony in the self, with other humans and with nature.  Furthermore, art is his passion in life. For him, opening and understanding others is meaningful through art. He is trained to be a cultural mediator via theatre from the organization Arts et Publics in 2020. 


Languages : AR – FR – EN

Try to create an environment of Confidence, respect, cooperation, and encouragement in class while exchanging knowledge.