Architecture & 3D models

"Want to make 3D models? This activity will introduce children to architecture and build models of any object they wish."

Primary + Secondary

With Clelia:

P3-P5 + S1-S2 : Friday, 15h10 – 16h10

1st semester

The aim of the first semester is to master the techniques of gluing, cutting and measuring. The children will understand how architects work and learn to sketch and move from drawing to 3D.

This activity will stimulate the children’s creativity while teaching them to be precise. They will make scale models of architecture, as realistic as possible: their dream house, a small theatre or a paper shoe. All you need is cardboard, glue, scissors and squares to invent bizarre models and prototypes.

2nd semester

The objective of the second semester is to become as autonomous as possible in applying the techniques and making models according to the themes presented. The children will find their own style and through team and personal work they will become little architects.

They will learn to distinguish the different materials and when and how to use them. They will also try to make the real with the fake. The models, even if they are made of cardboard, will take them into another world.