Action Sport - Sports Gymnastics, Mini Tennis, Multi-activities & New Games, Swimming for beginners, Uni hoc

Do you want your child to take part in a sports activity at Woluwe St Lambert? After the end of the school day, children are driven to the Sports Hall of the Athénée in Woluwe Saint Lambert, where our partner Action Sport supervises them during the proposed sport activities.


P1-P5 : Tuesday, 15h – 18h

P1-P5 : Thursday, 15h – 18h

With Action Sport

Sports Gymnastics

The children practice figures and routines on the different apparatus: floor, vault, uneven bars and beam. They will gradually develop various skills such as balance, rotation, flexibility, strength and rhythm.

Mini Tennis

The Mini Tennis course is the perfect introduction for children. The program makes this sport accessible and fun for the little ones thanks to adapted lessons and equipment, the balls for example bounce less. This allows them to become familiar with the game and develop a passion for this sport.

Multi-activities & New Games

Here, the objective is to move, to have fun while discovering or rediscovering many activities, such as Ultimate freese bee, table tennis, new games, daring courses, uni hoc, climbing, crazy games, jumps, circus or adventure games.

Swimming for beginners

This course offers a gentle learning of the different swimming techniques for children with certified and trained instructors.

Note: This activity includes a swimming lesson + 1 hour of sports.

Uni hoc

Children are initiated to the basics of floor hockey through workshops, courses and games. They also play a few games.

Correct sportswear required

Swimming : swimsuit, swimming cap, bath towel