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November 11, 2011: the transport committee discussed updating the current rules, the survey for Laeken, methods for planning the bus routes, communication with parents and organisational questions of the Parents Association

Transport Committee meeting on November 11, 2011.

Main points of this meeting:

The ‘Rules’
The current rules will be updated. Comments of the committee were collected and a new draft should be available on December 2.

The Laeken survey
The results of the Laeken survey were shown and discussed. These will be published on the Association website soon.

Planning the bus routes
The transport committee is approaching this in three different ways:

  1. The committee is evaluating software packages to map addresses, cluster locations and plan bus stops and routes.
  2. The results of the Laeken study are being used to do a preliminary feasibility study. This is a pilot study to find an appropriate method to select the major axes for bus routes.
  3. The committee will make an inventory of possible approaches to handle the bus service. This is a more fundamental approach to make sure that all potential influences are listed and considered.

Updates about these three activities – selection of software, methods to decide on major axes, and the inventory – will be published on the website.

Communication with parents.
The transport committee is developing a communication strategy to inform parents as quickly as possible. The first steps are the publicaton on the website of a list of frequently asked questions, the results of the Laeken Survey, and progress updates about the planning of the bus routes.

Integration of transport activities within the Association.
The working of the transport committee must respect the meeting schedules of the Association. The dates and deadlines will be published on the site. The next General Assembly on January 24, 2012.

The next meeting of the transport committee is on the 2nd December, 2011.

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