Difficult access around the school

The Parents Association would like to inform parents of several developments affecting access to and traffic flows around the school:

1.  Traffic management

On 12 September, Brussels city council invited residents around the school to attend a meeting on this subject.  Several representatives of the Parents Association attended and raised a number of concerns. Unfortunately, we were only informed that a meeting would take place at the last minute so it was not possible to inform parents via our website.
The deputy mayor (échevin) outlined the main findings of a study commissioned by the city to manage the traffic around the school. The study recommends that traffic passing through the Drève Sainte-Anne should be limited without diverting the problem to surrounding residential areas, that measures to enforce the 30 km/hour speed limit should be put in place, and that better provisions should be made for pedestrians to ensure safey around the entrances of the school. As far as we know, however, no final decision has yet been made on when these recommendations will be implemented.  We will monitor the status of this project and keep parents informed.
Please also note that Mr. Schlabe, the school director, recently posted a letter on the school website regarding the traffic around the school and access to the on-site parking facilities.  (See: http://www.eeb4.be/sites/default/files/files/eeb4/600-Trafic%20%C3%A9cole%20EN.pdf)

2.  Vivaqua works

We also take this opportunity to inform you that Vivaqua initiated works in the Drève Sainte-Anne/Rue Médori area on Monday.  This involves excavations on both the road and the pavement, making access to the school difficult.  The work is scheduled to last eight weeks.  This affects the bus service and parents bringing their children to school by car.  Please also note that there may also be an impact on the canteen, as the water supply will be cut at intervals.  We are actively monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will keep you informed.
Please be reassured that the children’s health and safety is our highest priority and we will do all we can to minimise disruption to our services.

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