The Laeken transport survey: results.

Laeken Survey results 2011

March 26, 2012: Transport Committee

Based on the data of the Transport Survey Laeken, the Transport Committee has established a preliminary network of stops and routes for the morning transport. When establishing this network, proximity to family address and duration of transport needed to be balanced.

We are publishing these stops on our website as a feedback on the Transport Survey stressing that this is a first approximation only and does not preempt any decision on final bus stops, routes or timings.

Once the final school enrolment data is available and the first transport enrolment phase is over, this network will be adapted and optimized. The adaptation is likely to be significant as we are expecting approximately another 400 students requesting transport service on top of the 800 children represented in the survey.

Therefore, stops or lines will still be added or changed. However, this network gives you already a flavour of what to expect.

We are conscious of the fact that there are some areas outside the ring – such as Meise – which are currently not included. But this might change in view of the enrolments. So if there is no bus foreseen for your area at this stage, please stay patient – we will do our utmost to find a solution.

Call for support
We need some ‘real life’ experience on the routes in order to determine the timing between the stops and validate the choice of routes, identifying also unforeseen obstacles for the buses. We are therefore looking for volunteer parents who are willing to test routes to the new site in Laeken in the mornings. Parents who would like to do so, please, send an email to so we can contact you.

Next steps in the process are:
– Opening of the first Transport Enrolment phase (May 1st to May 31st)
– Until Mid of June: adapting network to final first phase enrolment data
– Until End of June: testing of preliminary routes
– Until end of July: adapting network to route tests
– Second half of August: confirming of routes and stops including timing.

Link to the stops and routes


December 12, 2011: The ‘Laeken transport survey’: results.

The APEE Transport Committee carried out a survey in October 2011 to aid the planning of the bus routes to the new European school in Laeken.

There were four main reasons to conduct the survey:

  1. to evaluate the feasibility of bus transport to Laeken.
  2. to establish appropriate criteria for the planning and establishment of bus routes.
  3. to evaluate procedures and tools to be used in the process.
  4. to investigate the possible establishment of preliminary bus routes.

It is clear that, due to the significant changes in number and addresses of pupils to be expected, the results of the survey cannot be used to determine bus stops for September 2012. Bus stops and bus routes can only be established with the final enrolment data in August 2012.

The survey was launched in the second half of October. Class representatives invited all parents to participate. The three other European schools were invited too. The survey was based on Google forms and was online for two weeks.

There were 537 respondents, representing over 800 pupils to be transported. 516 usable addresses were taken into batchgeo (geolocation tool) to map them. A colour code shows the number of pupils per address. The survey results are illustrated below. [For privacy reasons, it is not possible to show a more detailed map.]

Laeken Survey results 2011


The conclusions of the survey:

  1. The Google based forms and spreadsheets are a valid option to manage the inscription phase for the transport office.
  2. The data (addresses, number of children) can be used to set up and test a planning system for bus routes and bus stops.
  3. Based on the survey data, it is not possible to determine bus routes and bus stops for September 2012. There are too many unknown variables such as the number of children, address changes, number of busses, and uncertainty about the budget.

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