Fencing Competition


fencingOn 2 May 2014, the APEEE organised its second annual Fencing Competition. This year’s event had an international dimension with a total of 35 young participants competing in mixed teams for the trophy. In a closely fought competition, it was the team from Charleroi RCSC who won first prize.

EEBIV was represented by Enric Perich Gumma, Per Erik Mahrenholz, Daniel Navas, Simon Schneider and Theodor Streul. Congratulations to all of them.

Among the organisers were the APEEE staff Jerome Beurier and Arturo Herrera and two of the monitors who teach fencing as part of the extra-curricular activities programme, Tamaz Chincharauli and Edward Dudetsky.

Come and watch a fencing demonstration at Somerfesto!

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