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How do we ensure our children have a good-quality education, delivered by teachers who understand the European School System as well as the various national education systems to which most students return (either at some stage during their schooling or afterwards)? This remains THE key question for Interparents, the umbrella organisation of all the European School Parent Associations and the official voice of parents in the governing bodies of the school system.

EEBIV parents are increasingly involved in pursuing the answers through Interparents, channelling two-way communication with our APEEE pedagogical team and making sure the experiences and needs of our school are taken into account. As part of our commitment to find solutions, Sarah, one of our APEEE Board members, has taken on the Presidency of Interparents this Spring. Interparents is, of course, only one voice (often without an actual ‘vote’) in the Board of Governors so continuing to develop good relationships with the representatives of our various Member States is one of our main objectives so that they understand the issues we face ‘on the ground.’

Where are we now? The demand for certain kinds of teachers continues to outstrip supply – impacting all linguistic sections and various subjects. As we near the end of another school year, an agreement between Member States on sharing costs for secondment of required teachers has still not been reached. Interparents is liaising with all stakeholders and meanwhile trying to find ways to increase competitiveness of local contracts for short-term teachers. We are also still working closely with the Commission and office of the School Secretary General to launch the External Evaluation of proposals to reorganise the Secondary Studies Programme.

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craftsSchool students demonstrating Bulgarian Folk craft as part of the rich cultural programme accompanying the week-long April meeting of the Board of Governors

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