UK Decision to not replace teachers

We have now received a letter from the UK Department of Education inviting parents to a meeting this coming Friday 26th April 2013 at the UK Permanent Representation (10 Avenue d’Auderghem,1040 Brussels) to answer your questions about their decision not to replace teachers leaving the European Schools system in August 2013. You will need to contact UKRep to let them know that you wish to attend the meeting. Please note that this is primarily aimed at British parents & pupils, though – as we have mentioned before – the effects will undoubtedly be further reaching with the increased emphasis on L2 & L3 teaching.


The meeting will be at 12:30 – you MUST contact UKRep if you wish to go & you will need a photo ID in order to get in!

ALL parents of whatever nationality or section with children studying anything in English (L1, L2, or L3) are welcome. The UK is aware that this is an issue for the whole school. Any impression previously given to the contrary was solely due to the limitations of the meeting room.

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