Statutes and rules

The parents association of the Brussels IV European School is an aisbl ( a not for profit international association) which has been established in accordance with Belgian legislation and the accounts of which are audited, approved at a general assembly and notified to the Tribunal de Commerce.

A not for profit international association is a group of natural or legal persons whose purpose is to pursue an international non profitable objective. The statutes govern the organisation and operation of the association. Only the French version is legally binding.

For more information on what an aisbl is, please see:

For our statutes see here :

EN Statutes 2012


School Community Fund

The APEEE has set up a Community Fund to help support projects and events that enhance school life. Further to the call for volunteers, the CA has nominated the members of the Community Fund Committee who will manage the fund. The School Community Fund operates in accordance with the rules approved by the CA which are here:

Community Fund Regulations

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