General Assembly

General Assembly 2012 – 2013: 05/12/2012

Minutes of the General Assembly

General Assembly 2011 – 2012: 31/01/2012

Minutes of the General Assembly


Annex 1: Audit report on the financial statements for year ended 31 August 2011

Annex 2: Budget report 2010-2011

Annex 3: Budget report for the General Assembly 2011-2012

Annex 4: Draft Resolution document

General Assembly 2011: 26/01/2011

Documents for the General Assembly 26th January 2011:


Annex 1 [pdf]

Annex 2 : Budget 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 [xls]


General Assembly: 13/01/2010

Minutes of the General Assembly [pdf]

Documents for the General Assembly 13th January 2010:

Invitation [pdf]

Rapport sur les comptes [pdf]

Budget report 31/08/2009 [xls]

Budget report 2009-2010 [xls]

General Assembly: 19/01/2009

Ordre du jour [pdf]

Documents presented at the General Assembly

Rapport d’activités [pdf]

Rapport financière [pdf]

Propositions du Conseil d’Administration [pdf]


A: Comptes statutaires

A1) Etat du patrimoine [pdf]

A2) Recettes et dépenses (10/12/2007-31/08/2008) + Certification [pdf] [pdf]

B1) Recettes et dépenses (10/12/2007-31/08/2008) + Certification [pdf] [pdf]

B2) Outre documents financiers [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]

Budget [pdf]

Transport [pdf]

Resolutions [pdf]

Procès verbal [pdf]

Compte rendu [pdf]

General Assembly: 11/12/2007

Ordre du jour

Documents presented to the General Assembly

Report of Activities

Rapport Moral

Budget version C

Budget version F

Explanatory note for budget F


Procès verbal

Founding General Assembly: 07/06/2007

Procès verbal

Ordre du jour


3 – Statuts de l’Association Document

4 – Transports scolaires FR

4 – Garderies Document

6- Budget Document

Diapositives/Slides Document

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